Solutions not Stuff

Solutions not Stuff

Successful businesses that deal with consumers understand that they are in the solutions industry, not the product industry. On my recent tour of the USA I saw an excellent example of this in action.
The Perennial Farm is located in Maryland and is one of the largest suppliers of perennial plants, except they do not sell plants they sell solutions. Many of their customers are landscape designers and installers and their plant knowledge varies.
In this world of high tech they have produced a Solutions booklet that will fit in your back pocket. This means the landscaper on the job has reference source that is at hand and can be easily used. This booklet lists plants, in different way. It looks at the solution and then gives plant suggestions based on the solution.
This may sound obvious, but very few producers do this.

Plants are divided up into sections titled.
Plants that are Aromatic
Plants that Attract Pollinators
Plants for Spring Cut flowers
Plants for Summer cut flowers
Plants for fall cut flowers
Plants for Deer Resistance
Plants with drought tolerance
Plants for dry shade
Plants for Ground cover
Plants with long flowering periods

These are questions that many landscapers have on the job and need solutions.
This is such a simple solution in high tech world.
It works and is easy to implement. We often over think the solution and can confuse our customer. Well done to Perennial Farm for making solutions so easy.