Consumers’ lifestyles, values, communication methods and economies have changed. Retailing has changed too. Retailers who don’t keep up will be pushed out of the way. It’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way!

Successful businesses morph and change; continually reinventing themselves. John Stanley is a Change Master; he helps retailers adapt, up-skill and transform into the best they can be to delight their visitors and keep their market share growing.

John begins a retail consultancy session by analysing your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. That can include an image analysis, brand analysis, store analysis, performance analysis, bench-marking your business, analysis of your customer flow, an analysis of your marketing strategy, a review of your merchandising, and an analysis of your team’s performance.

He then ascertains your Unique Selling Proposition, your USP that makes YOU unique in YOUR market place. He looks at how you can build on that in order to “own your territory.”  John then creates an Action Plan for you to take your business to the next level.  That Action Plan may contain ideas to improve your Merchandising and Display, your Retail Marketing, your Retail Management, your Retail Layout, your Business Culture, your Team Training, or all of the above.

‘We first met John some ten years ago when we had a reasonably small farm shop, but with buckets of passion and enthusiasm to grow our business into something special. We had a grand vision but needed someone to test it and tell us all the areas where we had potential shortcomings. John’s expertise in this industry is unique and his advice was spot on. Looking back it was invaluable and he was very honest with us about things we had to work on.
Since those early days we have won the awards that we targeted (FARMA – Best Farm Retailers in the UK and BBC – Best Local Food Retailer in the UK), but we recently invested in another visit from John who infused us yet again to continue the ever evolving progress that is required to stay successful in what is a very challenging retail environment.
John is great, he understands the minutest nitty, gritty right up to the visionary stuff that is where we want or need to be in 5 – 10 years time.’
Michael Dart, Darts Farm, Topsham, Devon, United Kingdom.

Marketing Your Business

Consumers’ lifestyles, values, habits, expectations and methods of communicating have changed totally. The way you market your enterprise must keep up with change. Your marketing must keep up with the changes in society, lifestyles, values, technology, economy, shopping habits and demographics.  Email John and ask how you can better meet your customers’ needs.

Image and Branding

Marketing incorporates your business image, your brand, team uniforms, signage, how you attract visitors and the way you communicate with your target market. Marketing is much more complex today as the power has shifted to consumers and word of mouth marketing has become a much more dominant factor. Your team needs to understand the power shift and be prepared to provide an experience to the modern consumer who, if they are going to do your word of marketing, wants your team to make their day.

“We have gotten tons of positive feedback from the customers in regards to the new improved look and shopping experience. Everyone thinks we have really expanded when in fact we know that the square footage of the building did not change and the only expansion outside was the addition of a bridge over the drainage culvert – not really expansion but it sure appears that way to everyone.
On a positive note – which I believe can be attributed in part to John’s redesign (drum roll) our average sale per customer was up 34% over same time period (Jan-June).
Thanks for the great advice back in January – we are all really glad we followed through with everything you suggested. We even had a very successful grand re-opening party one Saturday evening that we did in conjunction with the local theatre group to help them raise money – everyone who attended had a good time and has encouraged us to repeat the event in some way once or twice a year. Anyway thanks again.”
Tim Kielpinski, Old Towne Nursery, USA

Social Media Marketing

The fastest growth in retailing is online shopping and the opportunity exists for small and large retailers. Every retailer needs to get involved with social media. Write a policy on how you want to develop your Social Media Marketing Strategy with your team and then jump in and get started. Once you are happy integrate it into your existing marketing strategy. John has written a number of e-books on Social Media Marketing that are available on his estore.

Go to John’s Clicks FOR Bricks on YouTube and see the latest series of webinars on how to improve your business using social media.

Culture Change

Once John has been onsite, re-designed your layout and flow, re-located your categories to better suit the needs of your clientele, revamped your image, strengthened your brand and created a new marketing strategy that includes Social Media Marketing, your team needs be brought on board the new concept: a Culture Change is required.

John will run a workshop to enthuse your team, show them your new vision, and empower them to become Day Makers; to make your visitors day and turn your visitors into advocates who will do your word of mouth marketing for you. John has created a Day Maker webinar on this concept to explain to you what you need to do. Available via his estore.

“John’s visit was absolutely invaluable! He said he would come back and visit us in November and we are really looking forward to showing him what we’ve done. We have had a few stops and starts because we have to concentrate on the business, so when our store isn’t so busy and/or we have some spare time we action John’s suggestions. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John to any retailer needing help. His friendly manner, his ability to explain without offending and to give praise where it’s due are brilliant assets for individuals trying to develop their business.”
Delwyn Dellow, Body Indulgence, New Zealand

Contact John now to talk through how he can help you to add potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars / pounds/ Euro or Yen to your bottom line by growing your business.

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