Retail Merchandising, Display and Retail Layout

Retail Merchandising, Display and Retail Layout
Once John has analysed your retail store to see where your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities lay, he will decide on what area you need to work on to raise your sales per square metre / foot.

Layout and flow

The layout of your site is critical in maximising sales per square metre / foot. Visitors to your organisation must be able to see everything that you have on offer, but a poor retail layout costs your business a lot in lost sales. How your site is laid out can make or break your business.

Increase sales per square metre / foot

The visitor flow must encourage a full flow around your site that is comfortable for your visitors, culturally appropriate and meets both their needs and wants. Many businesses today have sites that no longer meet the needs of today’s consumers. If your sales turnover has levelled out and no matter what you try, sales are no longer growing year on year; or the site expanded over the years with add-ons and no longer flows efficiently, this means it needs to be reviewed. It should facilitate efficiency and increase profits. John will design a stunningly innovative layout and flow plan that will boost your average sale, wow your visitors and increase your sales per square metre / foot without costing you a packet. John has produced articles and a Power Merchandising Video to explain how to build Power Displays that will increase your sales by 540%. These are available in Retail Globe Review.

“John Stanley Associates was recommended to me by my business coach a couple of years back. I was about to build a brand new store with a new concept and I wanted to make sure what we were going to create was going to work. After spending a day with John Stanley and some of my team, we used his years of retail experience to create a floor area that was going to work yet keep the same character and feel of the old store. Even though I have been in retail for 25 years, in one day I learnt a great deal from John Stanley which provided me confidence and some new inspiration. Since then I have read many articles that John has written which have provided me with some useful tools, particularly finding ways to survive and still grow during this difficult retail climate.”
John Grima, Kellyville Pets, NSW, Australia

Merchandising and Display

The way categories are laid out influences visitors to your establishment. Category Placement cannot be haphazard; it needs to be thought through with your visitors’ habits and needs in mind. Where you place your displays, how you build them, what shape they are, what you put on them, how you sign them, all dramatically affect sales; a well built Power Display in the right location with the correct type of signage can increase sales on that display by up to 540%.  John will train your team how to lay out your merchandise and how to build effective displays to maximise sales for your business.

Contact John now to talk through how he can help you improve your Merchandising and Display and Retail Layout to increase your sales per square metre / foot and grow your bottom line.

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