Presentation Topics

Presentation Topics

The world of business and customer relationships is changing so fast today that every week John writes a new presentation to address the issues of that week.

Here are some broad areas that John speaks on:

Community Development

Consumers today are looking for weekday convenience and a weekend experience and it is up to the business community to establish an experience for consumers.  If they fail, the community will look to other sources and that may be outside the existing community. The development of Amazon Fresh is just one example of what can happen when a community fails to engage with its local customer.   In John’s travels he sees three community models:

Ghost towns

These are towns that have not kept up with the changing consumer and as a result local consumers and tourists have deserted them. Leaving a ghost town.

Clone towns

These are towns that look the same around the world. The character of the town has been lost and although the consumer shops them it is not a place of choice.

Home Towns

These are communities that engage with the local consumer and with tourists and are developing and evolving communities.  The future is in the Home town, the challenge is developing a Home Town.   John’s presentation looks at the strategies that are needed to develop a Home town and to make it work.  This is presented firstly as a keynote where John paints the picture for the delegates, then a follow up workshop, where John works with the group to develop plans and a strategy for the communities involved.


Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur? – In 2009 John was awarded the Small Business Entrepreneur award for Western Australia. Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur? presentation provides you with the secrets to become a truly successful Entrepreneur. It focuses on what Entrepreneurs do that is different to other business people. Learn how to be an Entrepreneur and to make things happen whilst growing your business.

Retail Management

New Vision Forum – This is a two day forum designed to take retailers on a journey through the next five years.  It looks at financial management structure, marketing strategies and retail developments. It uses leading edge ideas to encourage delegates to develop their business strategy during the forum.  Each forum is limited to a maximum number of 25 decision makers.

Retailing 2023 and Beyond – This presentation looks at how independent retailers can grasp opportunities to develop the market. Consumers expect retailers to reinvent themselves at least every three years. It’s not about spending capital, it’s about thinking outside the box.

Rethink Retail – If you are doing now what you were doing last year, the chances are your business is not performing at the level that it should. We all need to rethink retail in this changing world. This fast paced presentation looks at the ways you need to change to stay relevant to your customers.

Setting Up Shop – As the author of the book ‘Setting Up Shop’ John takes participants through the basic principles of retailing. John looks at customer flow, merchandising, display, signage and customer service. Whether you are starting a new business or have an existing business, this presentation will help you grow sales.

Increase Your Sales by 540% – 70% of buying decisions are made with the eyes. The way you merchandise and display products has a dramatic affect on sales per square metre/foot. This workshop takes delegates through the concepts of profitable  merchandising and display and provides practical tips on how to increase your sales per display by up to 540%.

Innovative Merchandising for Profit – Experience retail is what the customer wants. To be successful you must dare to be different. Playing “safe” is in fact un-safe and will cost you sales. This presentation encourages your team to be adventurous and introduce display innovation based on proven retail techniques.

Marketing And Branding

Bricks and Clicks World – The successful retail business needs to develop a ‘clicks’ world for its customers to complement its ‘bricks’ offering.  The customer of today is looking for week day convenience and a weekend experience. This presentation looks at the tools you need to develop your ‘bricks and clicks’ strategy.

Playing the Image Game – Image …  every person and every business has an image. It is judged by every person that comes into contact with you and your business. What are the rules of the Image Game? This presentation takes you through the image wheel and how you can build or improve your image. 70% of your image is built in the customers mind in the first 10 seconds of them walking into your business. You need to get your image right as you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Is Your Business X-Rated? – According to research, Generation X spend 28% more leisure money per head than Baby Boomers. Plus Gen Y’s are now coming on board as customers.  This means your business will need to be X-rated to gain from these two growing market sectors.

Marketing..stop talking to your Customer and Start Engaging with them – Marketing has changed dramatically. In today’s market you have to use a wide range of different tools to communicate effectively with consumers. This presentation analyses the options available to you to market effectively. It looks at interruption marketing techniques that work and social media and permission marketing ideas you should implement to build customer loyalty.

Position Your Brand to Increase Sales – Today consumers are exposed to hundreds of brands a day – the result can be overwhelming. You need to build a brand culture that stands out from the crowd. It is not about a logo, it is about the total customer experience. This presentation looks at the total branding experience and how you can position your brand to increase your sales and make a difference in the market place.

Customer Relationships

Day Maker –  COVID killed off the selling cycle. Consumers have moved out of the selling cycle into the buying cycle. Every business now needs to rethink how they deal with their customers. Every business claims to provide customer service, today that’s not good enough. Leading businesses have always understood they had to move beyond customer service, but today your team must make your customers’ day. This presentation focuses on building relationships to make your customers’ day.

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