Why Book John?

Why Book John?

Top Ten Reasons to Book John

  1. Experienced and Professional – John has over 30 years of conference speaking experience. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and one of the top ten speakers in the world today.
  2. Passionate – John does what he does because it is his passion to help retailers grow their businesses and their teams. His passion is contagious and delegates at workshops and conferences leave enthused to take implement John’s ideas.
  3. Memorable – John is one of the most energetic presenters on the planet, he engages the audience and provides a memorable experience for all the delegates, making him a huge draw for delegates to a conference.
  4. Enthusiastic and Engaging – John has a vibrant style that lifts audiences and traps their attention, engaging them fully in his presentations. His enthusiasm motivates delegates and instills in the audience a belief in their own abilities to implement his concepts.
  5. Customised Presentations – Every presentation is customised to the needs, industry and culture of each client. A series of presentations is written every year addressing the most topical issues of the moment, and then customised to a clients needs. Or a totally new presentation will be written at a clients request to address a specific need.
  6. Inspiring – As a Certified Speaking Professional John is one of the most inspiring speakers on the planet today.
  7. Practical – He has an ability to talk to each delegates issues and clearly and concisely explain practical solutions using everyday examples that delegates that can relate to. The ideas provided in presentations are practical and cost effective, they can be introduced into a business the next day and start growing sales.
  8. Global experience – John picks up ideas as he travels the globe every year which means the information your delegates get is always the latest trend in the market place.
  9. Accomplished – John work effectively with translators and as a result is a sought after speaker in non English language countries too. John Stanley associates was voted the State Winner in 2009 and 2012 for educational services to the business world.
  10. Reliable – John keeps to the time frame you provide. He will engage with your delegates after the presentation to follow up on ideas that they want to discuss as a result of the presentation.