John Stanley is a world class trainer and facilitator and will design training workshops which are exclusive to your needs.

John will discuss with you the requirements of your team and prepare the relevant workshop within his skills area.

“Thank you for a sterling evening of marketing insights and awareness’s. Our Roger Reynolds team thoroughly enjoyed the evening. In our de-brief Friday morning with all whom attended we shared ideas and agreed on the first six things that we will undertake immediately. Thank you, again!”
Gary Entwistle, Roger Reynolds Nursery & Carriage Stop, USA

Team building and team leadership

Retailing is about building a team that can relate to the customer. Before you can grow sales with your external customers you need to grow and nurture your internal customers, that is, your team.

John leads half day, one day and two day “retreats” for businesses where John helps the team develop their skills. These workshops are custom designed to ensure you get the maximum benefit.

Work planning

Planning work is essential to operate an efficient business. Many team members do not have the skills required to be efficient planners. This one day workshop focuses on the skills required to develop a work planning culture in your organisation.

Team Motivation

What motivates you and what motivates others? Until you understand motivation you cannot build an effective team. This workshop looks at the three key motivational traits in people and trains you how to manage people who do not think the same way that you think.

“Already the “J day” has had a very positive effect on the team. I’ll send some pictures for you to see. It was good to see you John. You always leave me inspired. It’s great to feel we have a clearer direction developing.”
Neil Grant, Ferndale Nursery & Garden Centre, United Kingdom

Build a team of day makers

The skills learnt in the past in customer service don’t work anymore. Consumers today say customer service is deteriorating. This is an opportunity for your business provided you understand how customers’ needs have changed. Customers want Day Makers to make their day.  John runs a one day workshop focusing on the skills your team needs to make your customers’ day.

The key to your business success is to understand your visitors’ lives, be able to meet their needs, provide an experience they will talk about and exceed their expectations. Visitors to your business, whether online or to your physical premises, have high expectations and can be powerful advocates. They can also destroy you very quickly if you let them down. Being average at what you do is no longer good enough. Your visitors want you and your team to make their day. If your team don’t make your visitors day, then they’ve failed in today’s ultra competitive marketplace.

“The two hours spent with you [John] packed in more relevant information than what many similar type workshops present in two days.”
Alan Dinnie, Ellis Corp Corporate Business Brokers, Australia

If you sell a product or a provide a service Day Maker Training will not only train your team to build relationships with your visitors it will  turn every person who enters your premises into advocates for your business.

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“We captured John Stanley… had him to Augusta last year where he knocked the socks off everyone and now he’s coming back, tonight and tomorrow morning to work with Margaret River retailers and non-retail service providers.”
Barbara Maidment, Director, Margaret River Business Centre, Western Australia

Culture change

To achieve the best performance possible from your team, it is necessary for them to understand and accept the appropriate beliefs, values and assumptions of the organisation – that is, the correct ‘culture’.

Organisational culture is judged on whether it is suited or not to that organisation’s strategic intentions. Culture and strategy affect each other. The organisation’s achievement of its strategic intentions depends on the development or shaping of culture to service those intentions. A shift in strategic direction necessitates a corresponding reshaping of culture. Because culture is vital both to the formulation and implementation of a new strategy, cultural change is the key to successful strategic change. Cultural change is a vital part of successful and sustainable service transformation.

This workshop is aimed at chief executives and senior managers and others who are managing major cultural change in their programmes.  John Stanley will present a five phase model for achieving cultural change:

  • Deformation: existing values are questioned and unsuitable practices identified.
  • Reconciliation: new ideas are identified and consolidated into a vision for the new culture.
  • Acculturation: the vision is translated into reality through the communication of the new values.
  • Enacting: the new values are represented in everyday behaviours.
  • Formation: the new culture is adopted by the organisation.

“The workshop was very interesting, it showed me where to move forward to and how to do things better. The presenter is a person I am going to remember.”
Premysl Otto. Czech Republic.

Email John now to talk through his Culture Change workshop.

Presentation skills

Most people feel that giving a presentation to an audience is one of the most stressful activities they could perform.  John runs Presentation Skills workshops for teams who need to give presentations as part of their job description.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), John is recognised as being one of the top 10% of speakers in the world. His one day Presentation Skills workshop is an ideal opportunity for your team to learn from one of the best in the world.

The workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates to allow each participant to give a short presentation during the workshop. Prior to the workshop John will contact each delegate and provide them with a brief to allow them to prepare material for the workshop. John will critique each presentation and provide practical guidelines on how each participant can develop their own presentation skills.

Contact John to discuss your team’s training requirements.

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John’s Professional qualifications

  • Master of Science, Essex University, UK
  • Nuffield Scholar
  • Competency Based Training Certificate (IV)
  • Workplace Assessor Category (III)
  • Train the Trainer Certificate UK
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) (Australia)
  • Voted one of the Power 100 (UK) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • West Australian Education Business Winner 2009 by Small Business Champion Awards
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 West Australia by Small Business Champion Awards