Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

The workshop was very interesting, it showed me where to move forward to and how to do things better. The presenter is a person I am going to remember.

Premysl Otto, Czech Republic.

We captured John Stanley… had him to Augusta last year where he knocked the socks off everyone and now he’s coming back, tonight and tomorrow morning to work with Margaret River retailers and non-retail service providers.

Barbara Maidment, Director, Margaret River Business Centre, Western Australia.

Already the “J day” has had a very positive effect on the team. I’ll send some pictures for you to see. It was good to see you John. You always leave me inspired. It’s great to feel we have a clearer direction developing.

Neil Grant, Ferndale Nursery & Garden Centre, United Kingdom.

Thank you for a sterling evening of marketing insights and awareness’s. Our Roger Reynolds team thoroughly enjoyed the evening. In our de-brief Friday morning with all whom attended we shared ideas and agreed on the first six things that we will undertake immediately. Thank you, again!

Gary Entwistle, Roger Reynolds Nursery & Carriage Stop, USA.

Extremely motivating – I have some fantastic ideas. John’s strengths were especially his communication skills. It would be great to have a follow up in 6 months.

P Comber, Rodney Wayne Hairdressing, NZ.

The two hours spent with you [John] packed in more relevant information than what many similar type workshops present in two days.

Alan Dinnie, Ellis Corp Corporate Business Brokers.

Excellent visual presentation, global overview is excellent. Well focused on our industry, good pace, clear straight forward and pertinent. Appreciate the opportunity to learn from such an expert.

Jay McLaren, Sunset Nursery, Canada.

Worldly wise, approachable, enthusiastic, knows both sides of the argument, excellent speaker.

Ian van den Berg, Byrkley Park Centre, UK.

John is the best speaker I have ever translated for in my career.

Carla Toffoto, Miflor Conference, Venice, Italy.

Probably the BEST speaker with the most critical message I have ever heard in memory and not just MNLA

Kail Food, University of Wisconsin, USA.