Value is the key to success is to look at the whole customer journey and ask how you can develop an improved value journey for the customer. Remember women want to save time and will pay more money if they believe you are saving them time.

The fastest growth in retailing is online shopping and the opportunity exists for both small and large retailers. Every retailer needs to get involved with social media. The process is look at what others are doing online. Decide how you want to proceed. Get a policy written on how you want to develop it with your team and then jump in. Look for ideas in Retail Globe Review.

Email John stating where your business is located, what type of business you have, how long you have been trading, when you would like John to come to your site, and outline how you would like John to help you. John and Linda will then send you a proposal that will detail how John will help you, a date that he could be on your site, some references from other clients so that you can chat to them about how John has helped them, some background information on John, and the terms and investment for his services. You then take a look over the proposal, chat to other clients, and let John and Linda know if you do, or do not, wish to accept the proposal.

John will do a half day consult if he is already consulting to other clients in your area. He normally does full day consults.

John adds profit to your bottom line. The investment in John’s services in comparison to what he adds to your business, is a small investment indeed. John’s clients range from one person businesses to large franchise operations, huge shopping centres, local government bodies and city library services. They will all tell you that you cannot afford not to employ John to help you grow your business.

John travels the world several times every year working with his clients, many of whom have been ongoing clients for decades. They use John as a business mentor and a team coach to help ensure the business continues to flow in the right direction. In between visits, clients subscribe to John’s Blog to keep their teams up to date with current trends and John’s thinking. And John provides a mentoring service for his clients.

Basically, John advises small businesses on how to be more profitable. He does this in a number of ways. John’s focus is on maximising sales per square metre or foot in your store. So unless you have a specific issue you would like John to address, he will firstly take a look at your store or layout and advise if the customer flow or, routing, can be improved to ensure customers see more of your product. Then he will take a look at your merchandising and display and advise on how you could improve your merchandising to increase sales. He will advise on your branding strategy to improve your image and discuss your marketing and help you better target your market with more focussed marketing. He will analyse your management structure and advise if improvements need to be made there. Finally if you team need training in how to be Day Makers and build advocates for your business then he will happily lead a workshop to inspire your team to take your business to the next level.

John, or John and Linda, will arrive on the agreed date, and first of all will take a walk around your business to get a feeling for what you are doing and how you are doing it. It is best that the staff do not know at that point who the “visitors” are. That way John can get a true sense of how your team responds to customers. John would also like to check out who your closest competition are and how your competition’s team responds and relates to customers. Then it is back to your office to talk through your objectives for the day and get on with the business of improving your business.

John’s expertise is in perishable retailing, so that means his focus is on (a) caring for the stock, (b) turning the stock rapidly, and (c) wowing customers. That means his skills relate to all retail businesses, including libraries, town centres and shopping malls. If your association members sell a product or service and have customers, then John would be delighted to address your conference, seminar or workshop.

John in action

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John Stanley’s winning ideas in consultancy and charismatic presentations are reflected in the huge successes achieved by his many globally diverse clients. John is now one of the most sought-after conference speakers and retail consultants on the planet.

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