Insider Secrets of International Speaking



One of the Fastest and Most Surefire Ways to Become Known as a World-Class Expert or Leader in Your Industry is to Speak Internationally!

Speaking to audiences in foreign countries is a big part of doing business today. It’s easy to communicate online via Skype or by Webinar, but nothing is more powerful that meeting live, face to face in front of a group to share your ideas, enthusiasm and motivation around the globe.

The World Is Waiting For Your Message!

Imagine the unlimited opportunities for you to share your knowledge, passion and skills with people worldwide. Imagine getting paid BIG money while traveling the globe to amazing places, discovering new cultures, and enjoying amazing adventures.

Get ready because you are about to discover “The Secrets of a Successful International Business Speaker” from three international speakers. Thomas Murrell, Debbie Allen and John Stanley have over 100 years of combined international speaking experience in over 40 countries. Each of these authors has been speaking professionally and traveling the globe for decades.

As world-class experts they have mastered the skills and come together to document their experience and knowledge in their new book Insider Secrets of International Speakers (McGraw Hill 2016).

This information-packed resource covers all aspects of public speaking including the top 13 secrets to international speaking success. This comprehensive book goes into depth on the secrets and how to introduce them into your own business and speaking style.

The Top 13 Secrets You Will Discover Include How To:

  1. Become an expert who owns your territory.
  2. Travel with the end in mind and arrive fresh at a venue when you cannot always fly business class.
  3. Become familiar quickly with a new city and country when you arrive.
  4. Give a successful presentation in a foreign language.
  5. Work effectively with an interpreter.
  6. Set the stage in advance to work successfully with any audience.
  7. Gain credibility in the first five minutes of a presentation.
  8. Keep it local when you are not a local.
  9. Play the culture game to win.
  10. Ensure that you are invited back to speak.
  11. Stake your claim with worldwide recognition in your field.
  12. Leverage your professional speaking skills.
  13. Develop a winning pitch to get more speaking opportunities.

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