ReThink Retail – ebook



2009 will be one of the toughest years for retailers in many years, how will you weather the storm? You need a strategy that will help you grow your business in this tough economic climate. Every retailer will need to analyse their business and ask themselves what they will need to keep doing, what they will need to stop doing and what they will need to start doing they are not doing now. The Challenge is where do you start?

Rethink Retail is a brand new book that will provide the retailer with ideas to help them start develop their business along new ways in 2009, it contains the latest ideas on how to react to the new events that face retailers globally. In a recession it will be more difficult to attract new customers, but it is an opportunity to build an advocate strategy with existing customers. This means developing new merchandise, customer service, marketing and business strategies that are low cost investments but have a high impact on the business. Rethink Retail is divided into easy to read sections that cover all these specific aspects of the business.

This book is designed to be a practical tool for a retail business, providing practical ideas, each section of the book includes an Action Plan for the reader to adopt in their business. It is designed so that ideas can be shared with the team members to get maximum benefit from the concepts provided.

Rethink Retail is a book for today, it has been designed to provide answers for now.