Winning at Retail -video


Make them linger, spend more money and return often!

Create a more memorable experience in your retail store.  Start with a good first impression, stir in a great team, put on a sizzling display, and add a dash of showbiz! The result is a vibrant retail operation that out shines the competition, and increased sales on the shop floor.

In Winning at Retail, dynamic duo John Stanley and Pete Luckett walk you through the steps in creating and maintaining a successful retail environment. John’s grasp of international retailing trends, combined with Pete’s passion for creating a unique customer experience gives retailers powerful tools to share with managers and staff.

Winning at Retail was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada, at the award winning Pete’s Frootique – a multi-million dollar gourmet food market, with addition clips from a variety of retail environments.

This fast-moving video explains how you can create a consumer experience via innovative branding, team building, effective displays, power merchandising and customer service.  These key points are reinforced with a 16 page personal workbook that guides you through thought provoking exercises, strengthening the learning experience. The goal is for you to walk away with a customised retail tool, and begin making improved customer experiences a reality! Whether you are in nursery retail, farm shop, grocery or general retail, this video is made for you.

Winning at Retail takes aim of the age old question, “What makes a business succeed?” We think it’s about differentiating yourself, making an experience memorable, and giving customers many reasons to return!

Includes: Video and workbooks