NEW Day Maker Workshop

NEW Day Maker Workshop

Many of you are aware that I have been promoting Day Maker skills for our clients rather than promote customer service. I have redesigned our Day Maker package and have launched a brand new workshop. It has been presented twice this month already and anyone interested in Day Maker training this is the programme for you.

One of the handouts I use to help delegates with the thinking process is below. If you are interested in developing a day maker programme in 2015 please contact me.

Day Maker Tips

A Day Maker: “Someone who performs acts of kindness with the intention of making the world a better place”. Day Makers never process the customer.

Step One: Meeting a Stranger

  • Make eye contact
  • Keep the body language positive
  • Comment on a common topic to both of you..or
  • Comment on a topic of general interest..or
  • Ask an open question..or
  • Ask getting to know you questions ..or
  • Compliment them or their child

Step Two: Surprise and Delight in Store

  • Introduce an “Expectation plus One” delight strategy
  • Tell a story about the product
  • Have a favourite product for conversation
  • Tell them topical advise on the product you sell
  • Introduce them to new products
  • Introduce them to other customers favourite products
  • Tell them your favourite

Step Three : Last Touch Service

  • Give them a gift
  • Promote the guarantee
  • Ensure the cashier acknowledges sincerely
  • Provide a wrap or bag service
  • Invite them back and tell them about what is coming in next month

Step Four: When they get home

  • Send an email, Facebook comment or Thank You Know
  • Follow up with a phone call
  • Thank them for coming in
  • Offer further advice

“Don’t Serve me..Make my Day” is a workshop designed and presented by John Stanley to help businesses grow their sales.