Food Tourism…A Practical Marketing Guide

Food Tourism…A Practical Marketing Guide

A vital guide to the development and direction of one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism.

The fastest growth in tourism is the culinary sector. Farmers markets, taste tours, agri-entertainment, glamping, restaurants, farm shops, wineries, and boutique food retailers … food tourism has become an important part of holiday and business travel as well as a purpose in itself.

Growth in food tourism is occurring in most developed countries with tourists seeking taste experiences throughout the world. This book provides practical direction for food tourism operators and farm retailers to develop their businesses and cater to tourists needs. It also includes a section on the future of this fast moving trend.

Featuring contributions from David Wearing, Griffith University, Australia and Stephen Smith, University of Waterloo, Canada, this is a vital new study in a vibrant and growing field that should be required reading for tourist boards, owners and managers of retail farm operations, farm association members and anyone with an interest in driving increased visitor numbers to a region through food tourism.

Authors, John and Linda Stanley are always at the forefront of change in the horticultural and agricultural industry around the world. Considered by many to be the world’s leading horticultural consultants due to the sizeable economic returns they help clients achieve, John has often been described as “The Retail Guru”.

The book is published by CABI and is available from the publisher, and through Amazon.

What are the experts saying about Food Tourism?

“So many of us started our businesses without really understanding the background to the food tourism industry nor the requirements needed to run a successful venture – John and Linda’s book uses their wealth of insider market knowledge to cover. I wish I had read this first!”
Sally Jackson, Chairperson of Farm Retail and Marketing Association and owner of The Pink Pig, UK

“Imagine having the opportunity to get into the minds of two leading experts in food tourism. Well, now you can! John and Linda Stanley are the global guru’s on food tourism, they travel the world on a regular basis sharing ideas with farmers, farmers markets and retailers. John is one of the most brilliant conference presenters I have heard – he’s the real deal! Together these two global experts share their secrets, wisdom and experience in this comprehensive and practical book.”
Debbie Allen, International Business & Brand Strategist & Best Selling Author

“John Stanley is the clearly the world’s foremost expert on farm retailing. I know of no one else with his breadth of experience worldwide. He is passionate about food retailing and working with farm family businesses. He continually keeps abreast of changes in the fast paced electronic world that we live in. The fact that he is releasing a book on food tourism is a testament to the fact that he has identified this as an emerging trend important to farm marketers. It’s a book I’ll want to read.”
Morris Gervais, Barrie Hill Farms, Barrie Ontario, Canada

“This impressive work by John Stanley and Linda Stanley, ‘The Retail Guru Duo’ is a comprehensive guide to all topics related to Food Tourism. It is the ‘Go To’ book for valuable and timely discussion on every aspect of retailing food. How, why, when, where and what, are only the 5 usual questions asked and answered. There is so much more. If you produce or sell food, not only do you want a copy of this book, you NEED a copy!”
Lynda Van Casteren, Visionary, Owner and General Manager, Nicholyn Farms, Ontario, Canada

“Like most other consumers who eat (consume) three plus times a day we all value food in the context of the experience. From Italian to Mexican to German to Thai to Australian to good old American comfort food and beyond- we not only consume it, we are consumed with the pursuit of finding it, buying it, creating it, and eating it. Then we do it again and again and again. There could not possibly be a more important book to the development of local economies than this one by John and Linda Stanley. Buy it, devour it, and consume all of it to make sure your business, your town, and your region are not left going hungry as the food economy rises and expands throughout the world.”
Sid Raisch, President of Horticultural Advantage, Ohio, USA

“Heather and I have worked with John and Linda on several occasions in the past, I can honestly say there influences have been a massive asset to our business. This book on culinary tourism is a must read for anybody who is in or is thinking of entering into a food based retail or food experience type business. It is basically a map of the world through culinary excellence. I know of no other authors that have the vast experience and ideas worldwide that John and Linda has. John helped us to understand our customers better and he was the first person I heard mention the experience economy, which is where we are all heading.”
Heather and Rob Copley, Owners, Farmer Copleys , UK