What are the secrets of a successful International business speaker

What are the secrets of a successful International business speaker

It is your first time in a new country, the culture is different, the currency is different, they do not speak your language and you have to give a business talk to a professional audience.

Many speakers been in this situation and often panic sets in. How are you going to impress this audience or client with so many potential stumbling blocks ahead of you?

Speaking to audiences in foreign countries is now part of doing business. Agreed, you can have a Skype conversation and do a Webinar, but nothing is more powerful that meeting face to face and presenting your ideas.

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is the number one fear in the USA, number two is death. Many professionals fear speaking in their own country in their own language, so you can imagine the fear many potential new speakers are facing in a new country.

Debbie Allen, Thomas Murrell and John Stanley are three international speakers with over 100 years of international speaking in 40 plus countries behind them. They have been speaking professionally most of their lives and travel the globe many times a year. They have mastered the skills and have now documented them in their new book “Insider Secrets of International Speakers” published in January 2016 by McGraw Hill.

This book covers all aspects of public speaking and especially the 13 top secrets to success on the international conference circuit.

The book evolved as a result of John Stanley giving a presentation at a National Speakers meeting in Australia on the 13 top secrets of speaking in other countries. Tom Murrell was in the audience and suggested to John that this would make the foundations of a great book. John had worked with Debbie from the USA on number of occasions and the formulae was in place to reveal the secrets of three top international specialists.

So what are the 13 secrets to success?

This comprehensive book goes into depth on the secrets and how to introduce them into your own business and speaking style.

We will let you in on the secret and reveal the outline of the magical thirteen:

  • Secret One: Become an expert who owns your territory
  • Secret Two: Travel with the end in mind, how to travel and arrive fresh at a venue when you cannot always fly Business Class.
  • Secret Three: Familiarization with the new country and town when you land, what to do and what not to do
  • Secret Four: Giving a presentation in a Foreign Language
  • Secret Five: Working with an Interpreter
  • Secret Six: How to set the stage so you can work with your audience
  • Secret Seven: Gaining credibility in the first five minutes of a presentation
  • Secret Eight: How to keep it local when you are not a local
  • Secret Nine: Play the culture game
  • Secret Ten: Make sure you are invited back
  • Secret Eleven: Stake your claim with worldwide recognition in your field
  • Secret Twelve: Leverage on your speaking skills
  • Secret Thirteen: Develop a winning pitch

As a speaker you need to be GLOCAL. Be recognised as the global expert but know how to adapt that knowledge to the local scene. Failure to do that means you will not have a long term career on the global scene. This means that you have to work quickly to engross yourself in the local culture and be aware of what is happening at a local level.

This book has been written for both business people who have to work overseas and influence clients as well as speakers looking to develop an overseas market. The ideas can also be adapted to developing your business skills at a local level.

This is a book I recommend should be on the business bookshelf.

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