Bricks and Clicks – Online Selling for Retailers – ebook



Consumers will always buy products in a store, they cannot be bothered with going to their computer or smart phone and Online to purchase products. This was a common sentiment amongst retailers twelve months ago. I am still coming across retailers who believe Online shopping will go away and they can go back to the “good old days.”

What is even more surprising is the amount of retailers who are not prepared for the new retail environment which will be a “Bricks and Clicks” future.

The fastest growing retailing is coming from online retailing and many of the companies who are taking market share from traditional retailers were not even in retailing twelve months ago.

We are seeing a major shift in retailing and the days of the consumer just going to the store for all your needs have now gone forever.

Consumers shop online because they believe they can get a better deal and it is convenient.

Every retailer now need a “clicks” presence to enhance their bricks consumer experiences.

Customer service now means that you need a “bricks and clicks” presence.

The aim of “clicks” retailing is still to promote your brand, but also it is to offer the convenience products to the consumer. The bricks part of retailing is to provide them with the experience they desire when they walk into your store.

Many traditional retailers do not know where to start when it comes to online shopping hence my latest E-Book on Online shopping. The aim of this book is to provide you with the reasons to get started and how you should get started. This is a book that is targeted at retailers who have not get taken a step into Online retailing but are aware they need to and need to do it quickly.

Once you have read this book you will need to look at other books to take you to the next step in the journey. This is your first step on the journey, I discuss retailers who have already ventured into online shopping and how they have generated a successful business.

You cannot afford not to have an online shopping presence if you are to be successful in the future.

In my conference presentations I am saying that within two years 40% of product sold by “Bricks” retailers will be online led. I enjoy it when an audience participant challenges me and tells me they believe it will be more.

Are you ready for the new revolution to hit retailing. If not ,you need my book to start you on the journey.