Is Your Business X-Rated – ebook



According to the latest research Generation X are planning to spend 28% more leisure money per head than Baby Boomers in the coming years. This means your business will need to be ‘X-Rated’ to gain from this extra income.

This thought provoking book by John Stanley and will challenge you to re-look at your business and to make the appropriate changes to increase your marketshare.

Consider these facts:

  • Consumers expect you to change the shopping experience every four years, before they get bored and leave your business.
  • Generation X are driving the trends ….. are you keeping up?
  • GenXers buy into ‘Signature’ brands, are you one of those signature brands?
  • This book is a collection of articles based on his X-Rated workshop and conference presentation.

What you will learn:

  • How to ensure your business is in tune with the big spenders in the community
  • How to increase the average sale per customer without spending any capital
  • Review future trends and keep one step ahead of consumers