January 2007

2026 The Garden Centre

By John Stanley In the last few weeks a number of events have caused me to focus on 2026. Twenty years into the future. Firstly, Linda and I became grand parents for the first time and this inevitably causes you to look at the future. While we awaited the great event, the �Australian� our national […]

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The Waiting Game

By John Stanley On a recent flight to South Africa to work with clients I read Dr Paddi Lund�s excellent new book �The Absolutely Critical Non Essentials� If you have not read it, I recommend you should. For those that do not know Paddi and his story, he is a Dentist based in Brisbane, Queensland.

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Casanova was a Librarian!

This may not shock you, but it surprised me and thank you to Nottingham County Council libraries and the local pub for providing the information ….. let me explain. Nottingham had a major problem, they were finding it difficult to attract youth into their libraries. They found that youth preferred the pub to the library.

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