November 2007

Green Design

Marks & Spencer have recently announced a major new environmental sustainability strategy designed to transform every part of the business and establish it as the UK’s leading “green retailer”. This five year plan, entitled ‘Plan A’ (there is no plan B) pledges A$452 million to become fully carbon neutral, ensure no waste goes to landfill, […]

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Independent Retailers – Challenges and Opportunities

By John Stanley Independent retailers had a “heyday” during the 1970’s and 1980’s, then “box stores” saw the opportunity to make a commodity offer and as a result gained market share with the result that independent retailers that did not know how to compete, disappeared from the marketplace. We are now in a new era.

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Movers are spenders!

Thanks to Keith Turbett at Scheurich for discovering this gem. Movers in the USA spend on average $7,300.00 in new products and services in the first 90 days after the move. How do they do their research? 67% ask new neighbours 61% use the internet 23% email people Ref: 10.2.07

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UK Salary Survey

The Business Life 2007 Salary Survey for the UK was published in the October edition of the British Airways Business Life Magazine. It makes some interesting comparisons: UK Average Wage – £29,331 National Minimum Wage – £11,481 Premier League Footballer – £676,000 Chief of Defence – £219,834 Prime Minister – £188,849 Senior Retail Buyer –

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