Month: June 2007

Supermarket Science

The latest edition of Time Magazine reports on the latest market research carried out by Fitsimmons and Morales who teach marketing at Duke and Arizona State University. It highlights how product placement on the supermarket shelf affects sales. It provides some interesting tips. John Stanley is an internationally recognised conference speaker and retail consultant with …

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Money for Jam

Stock width and depth is always a challenge. I believe to many retailers offer too much choice within the range and offer too many samples. I discovered this interesting article on my journeys.

Spot the Difference

As retailers we often assume too much and think the customer has more knowledge than they do. Having said that I was wandering through an organic supermarket in London and came across this excellent means of getting information across from their newsletter.

Colourful Tomatoes

Having earlier talked about the concerns I have about width and depth on branding, I came across this counter argument. Korean growers are being encouraged to introduce new colours into the range of tomatoes to extend sales.

Retail Trends

Ideas come from surprising places. I worked with Farm-A-Rama a farm supply store in the hinterland of East London. I thought their way of merchandising brooms was novel. Since the building had a high ceiling, he placed two wires, 300mm apart, across the building and hung the brooms. Not only did it save space, but …

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