March 2015

Suspended Coffee

I recently presented a workshop in Mandurah and visited the local coffee shop. They are promoting “Suspended Coffee.” This is something other organisations could develop. The concept comes from Italy, the idea is that a customer who purchases a coffee has the option of purchasing a second cup and donating it to someone in need

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Book Review: Field Visual Merchandising Strategy

Field Visual Merchandising Strategy: Developing a national in-store strategy using a merchandising service organisation, by Paul J Russell, is a brand new book focused on merchandising strategies for the field visual merchandisers to the apparel industry. I enjoyed this book for two reasons. Firstly it is focused on the clothing retail sector, but the ideas can be

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The Value of Pallets

A few years ago retailers discovered the value of wooden boxes as a merchandising tool. Now it is pallets that are becoming more familiar as a merchandising prop. Last month my village of Nannup held a brilliant music festival. This is put together by a group of dedicated volunteers. Apart from the excellent artists, the

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