April 2007

Creating Spaces

Ref: Green Profit Magazine April/May 07 At the end of February, Monrovia announced a retail concept that�s now in place at all 36 Armstrong Garden Centers in California this spring � Monrovia Boutiques. Green Profit caught up with Monrovia�s chief sales and marketing officer Bob Smiland, who played a leading role in developing the boutique

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This Goes With That

But, do we always think it through for our customers? Call it linked selling, cross merchandising or solution solving, the result is the same. Provide the complete solution for the consumer and not only do you increase the average sale per customer, but, you also increase repeat business by building trust. This is a standard

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Keeping it Real in Retail

Fairway Stores are recognised as retail food heros from New York. A recent article in Global Food and Wine by Paul Mitchell interviewing the owner Steve Jenkins caught my eye �.. here it is. With only four stores in New York State, including Brooklyn and Manhattan locations, Fairway Market is a store that punches well

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Strict Rules for Libraries

No peeking, Scholastic, the US publisher of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows,’ the final book in the series by J.K Rowling, has set strict rules for libraries handling the book. Among them: Libraries must limit the number of emplyees who handle the books before the July 21 release, and provide names and contact information

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