February 2009

Texas A& M

Dr Charlie Hall is the present chairholder of the Ellison Chair in International Floriculture at Texas A & M University in the USA. He has a brilliant blog on marketing trends in the industry that everyone should be aware of. On February 15th he produced an excellent article on ‘Marketing During a Recession’. Under his […]

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Beyond Organix

I recently attended the West Australian Nuffield scholar report backs from scholars who had travelled the world looking for new ideas in the agricultural sector. One presenter introduced the audience to Beyond Organix, This webpage is worth checking out as it takes the discussion on organic food to the next level. What made me

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Choose Wisely

I was speaking at a conference recently in the Australian capital, Canberra, and the organisers put me into the Crown Plaza. At first it was like many hotels around the world, until I went to breakfast. On the table was a promotion to inform guests that we were stopping in the first hotel in Australia

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Something to Smile About

Retailers are doing it tough around the world, the lessons learned to grow a business in the good times, do not apply to the economic climate of 2009. Having said that, I do believe that retailers who analyse the market and introduce new strategies have something to smile about. The consumers’ attitudes have certainly changed.

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Ask a Local

As many of you will be aware, I am an advocate of Tipster marketing. Whilst driving through the snow in early February in the UK, I discovered other companies building on Tipster concepts. A large billboard from British Airways had a picture of a taxi driver on it, with the quote: “Ask a local what

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Loyalty Beyond Reason

As a society we seem to be in a difficult situation, apart from the recession, the environment is having its impact. It is either snow blizzards in the northern hemisphere of floods and fire down under. The following article came for Saatchi and Saatchi provides a positive insight to the future. In these difficult times

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Cows are Cool

You see them in Amsterdam at the Airport, on the High Street of Balham, at Westfield Shopping centre in London, Jarlicant Garden Centre in Spain and Hares Hatch Garden Centre in Reading UK. This year full size plastic cows are the “in” thing in Europe. Do not ask me why, but they are appearing in

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The Fires in Victoria

Many of you have emailed me about the fires in Victoria and what affect it will have on the communities and the retail industry. The best person to answer that is someone who is on the spot. Maree Planner of Grevillea Nurseries is a garden centre owner from the suburbs of Melbourne, this is her

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