Month: May 2015

Supermarket of the future

The Italian Co-op built a supermarket of the future, complete with robots checking the fruit. The one area that grabbed my attention was the point of purchase digital boards above all products which could be changed from a central office. The shopping carts were also made of degradable cardboard. I have seen these before in …

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Promotional posters

I expected to see promotional posters that highlighted the importance of the farmer. In Australia and some other countries we tend to focus more on the chef as the hero. In Italy the farmer is an equal hero and something I believe needs to be promoted in other parts of the globe.  

Keep it weird

Expos are always great places to discover the weird that can be introduced into any retail or marketing situation. The Milan Expo did not disappoint with “funky” ideas that can be adapted to other locations. These are some of my favourites.

Street Food

Street Food and Food vans are getting more upmarket and this was evident at the Expo. With the arrival of purpose designed vehicles coming from manufactures.