February 2012

Tap Happy Shoppers

The Sydney Morning Herald of Feb 25-26 20102, revealed some new trends in shopping. 37% of Australians who have smart-phones use them to do research on products, whilst 44% will use them in store to do research on products. Woolworths have launched the first virtual grocery store in Flinders Railway Station in Melbourne. This follows […]

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Over the last few days one of the questions I am being asked is how do I see Pinteret affecting the retail scene. This is still a new social networking page and time will tell. The fact that it is creating so much interest is a sign that we should be watching it closely. The

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Bricks or Clicks?

Over the last few months I have been encouraging retailers to create a “Bricks and Clicks” retail model. Some retailers are well ahead in there thinking while others are being left behind. A report came out this week that highlights the importance. The Oracle Cross Channel Report our t of the USA looks at consumers

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Retailing in Japan

This week I am working with retailers in Japan. The main point of difference is customer service. Everyone gets greeted when they enter a store. Plus, this is the most honest country I know. Retailers can leave products out on display and be confident that know body will steal the product. The main lesson from

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Mothers Jam

Craigie’s Farm Shop in Scotland are making their own jam to sell in store. They, are like many other farms around the world , are looking to this as a unique opportunity to make extra sales via an added value option. Farm jams are common in many countries. It seems like everyone is making their

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If Tomatoes Could Talk

One of the fun things about my job is discovering the unexpected. I was travelling through the back roads of Virginia this weekend and dropped into a farmers market that did not look the best from the outside. The signage inside was excellent. The one that really caught my eye was the “If Tomatoes’ could

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Sticker Shock

The American economy may be seeing an improvement, but I just had an interesting conversation with a consumer. Her comment was the consumer has “Sticker Shock”. I asked her to explain what “Sticker Shock” was. As you have probably gathered it is the shock when the consumer sees an increase in the price. This indicates

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