October 2008

The Allotment Shop

Consumers are growing their own food and the UK style allotment, a piece of land in a community dedicated to food production, is booming again. It was obvious that one opportunity was to open “The Allotment Shop” as a serious retail venture and the first one opened in late October in Kingswinford, West Midlands in

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Thrive in 2009

That may not be the thought going through your mind after the last few weeks. Wexe2x80x99ve already talked to people in the retail industry who have informed us that next year they will only invite speakers to their conferences that are xe2x80x9cfreexe2x80x9d.xc2xa0 Do you think customers are going to attend a conference expecting ideas on

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The Changing Market

Over the last couple of months the world economy has changed almost daily, alas, very rarely for the better. Many of my clients have asked how I feel this will affect the retail sector over the next few months. As in all situations there will be winners and losers. Firstly, some retail sectors will find

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The Open Garden Scheme

Australia, like many countries, has an Open Garden Scheme. This year the Stanley’s bit the bullet and opened their garden to the public for the first time. We had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be a fun two days. Plus, an opportunity to chat to consumers in a relaxed environment.

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