December 2011

Pimping in Denver

My trip has now brought me to Denver and Pimping.Some of you may be confused by what I am discovering in the Rockies. Happy Canyon Flowers are the leading pimpers in the USA. This is a term used by the car industry when they use 3M adhesive to cover a vehicle in a promotional wrap.This

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Specialism is a Trend

I remember when Hamburger restaurants sold hamburgers and nothing else. Then they diversified and you can now buy a latte, breakfast and cakes at my local MacDonald’s in Perth. But, the latest trend is back to specialisation and it will be interesting to see how this develops. In Manhattan in New York the home of

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Solve Customer Problems

Research released today looks at what Americans dread about the holiday season that is now upon us 68% dread lines in shops etc 37% gaining weight 37% going into debt 28% gift shopping 26% travelling 24% seeing certain relatives Having just had a nightmare flight across the Atlantic I can agree with one of the

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Make a Candle

One of the important elements of retailing is customer interaction. At Chladek Garden Centre in Prague this St Nicholas weekend they hade a Make A Candle session for children. All the staff dressed up as angels or wicked elfs and St Nichiolas greeted all the chioldtren.To malke the candle the children had to collect different

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Store Front Decorating

The Czech retailers have a special skill when it comes to Christmas decorations in shops. They rely on traditional and local props and use them in different ways. For example they take Birch twigs and spray them in different colours. To see Christmas trees decorated with purple sprayed Birch twigs is simple and effective. With

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