July 2013

By George… it worked

In July we had a marketing opportunity we had all known about for nine months. The birth of Prince George. But, how many retailers took advantage of this? On the day of the birth, Sam, an apprentice at River’s Lifestyle Centre in Melbourne built a power display to celebrate the birth. He used product that

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Just looking…

This is probably the most common word that retailer is likely to hear from consumers. Why do customers say “Just looking” and what can we do about it? I believe that “Just looking” consumers split into three groups Group one – looking so they can buy online Group two – responding to sales staff who

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July insights

“Imagine in two years time, you will walk into a retailer and there is an interactive wall. Instead of getting products off the hanger, you can see how different things might look on you. Then you send it to the dressing room or home or add to your wish list.” Deborah Sharkey, E-Bay in Australian

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Culinary Tourism

Many of you will be aware that I believe this is the next big retail initiative, it will combine retailing and tourism. At present I am writing a book on Culinary Tourism which I hope to get published next year. In the meantime I am noticing a number of initiatives taking place. I was impressed

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Get to the Truth

While I was at the Newsagent Conference in the UK where I was the keynote speaker I was fascinated by some research presented by John Kenny of the Today Group. The questions asked of retailers were: What do shoppers do when they are unable to find a product?” Retailers response – 55% come and ask,

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