September 2014

Simple winning ideas

Retailing is about being an entrepreneur and some of the winning ideas can be quite simple. Take for example the peach truck in Ohio. A farmer in the southern part of the State contacted local garden centres and asked if he could place his peach truck in the parking lot of garden centres of a […]

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The Amazon Effect

While in the USA I presented some workshops with my colleague Sid Raisch. One of his presentations is how are independent retailers building a strategy to combat the Amazon effect and how it is changing all our shopping habits. One person in Sid’s audience mentioned he sold trees and that tree retailing would not be

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The Voodoo Effect

Whilst I am mentioning Sid, he was adamant we went to Voodoo while in Portland. This is a one-store operator, not in the best retail location, that only accepts cash, will not give cents change, and you have to line up to be served for at least 30 minutes! This is not what I would

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A Bacon Experience

Following my Voodoo experience Sid and I travelled to Mount Hood and to the hotel and restaurant at the National Park. There we were exposed to a “bacon experience”. The breakfast offered different selections of artisan bacon. Think what experiences you could offer that makes you, as they say in Portland, WEIRD

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Food Pantry Development

Whilst in Oregon I met up with Gary Oppenheimer, A CNN Hero and founder of What Do Do? They enable consumers to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in their own community. connects, in the USA, 40+ million Americans with excess food in their garden and local food pantries. Garden by garden, home and community

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