August 2007

The Pub Grub Revolution

(Extract from an article in BA Business Life Aug 2007) It is unlikely that anyone will arrive at The Highwayman other than hungry, which chef Nigel Howarth has opened with his partner Craig Bancroft in the little village of Burrow on the Lancashire/Cumbria border. Howarth uses his role as chef to enhance the produce of

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Fiting Obesity

I heard a news report on the radio yesterday that said “A study shows kids will eat vegetables if they are presented to them in a Mc Donalds bag.” One of the challenges in Australia is children’s obesity. Like other countries we need to try and change the eating habits of schools. Different countries are

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The Bling Factor

I was recently at a conference where we were talking about the bling effect in retailing, one retailer in the audience was brave enough to mention he had no idea what we were talking about. Bling to some is a hit record called ”Bling Bling” made in 1999 by the group The B.G. This group

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