Awesome Customer Service Requires a Three Pronged Attack

By John Stanley The perception in the marketplace, according to research, is that customer service is declining. Whether consumer expectations have increased or services have declined over the last few years is debatable. The fact is, perception is truth, in the consumers� eyes. Having stated that, some businesses still seem to excel in customer service […]

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Wabisabi not Feng Shui

By John Stanley Indoor and outdoor living styles are constantly changing and as �home living� retailers we need to keep up with the latest trends and be aware of the leading edge trends. Many home owners in the 90�s designed their living areas with Feng Shui in mind, but the leading edge home owners are

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Zones in Your Library

By Fiona Emberton and John Stanley This article discusses the various zones you can create in your library, paying attention to the particular needs of differing demographic client groups. It outlines how retailers deal with this and suggests techniques libraries can adopt. Do you ever feel really uncomfortable in a certain music or clothes shop

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Cook Up a Storm

By John Stanley Peter Thomson of Garson Farm has a policy of cooking beetroot every morning, prior to opening the farm shop. The aroma is the equivalent of the aroma of bread in a supermarket. Aroma is the most memorable of the senses and something we should consider when developing a farm shop. Some of

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