Day: December 10, 2007

A novel idea from Coles

Coles is one of the two national supermarkets in Australia. Last week, their Christmas catalogue arrived at our door, this normally goes straight in the bin, but this one caught my eye. Instead of the boring list of products and prices, the brochure contained recipes with a checklist of what you needed to purchase. I …

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Hero Worship

By John Stanley We all need hero’s in our life, for me I would include Nelson Mandela and Al Gore in my list, but we would all select different people to put on personal list. The real challenge is that in your local community are you on the list of your consumers and neighbours. I …

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Text ads to shopping carts

Check this out! A new form of in-store marketing lets advertisers place their messages right between shoppers’ hands, on shopping cart handles that have been modified by Modstream. Messages are wirelessly streamed to a small screen in a hard plastic case that replaces the standard shopping cart handle. Advertisers and retailers log on to …

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