Food trails

One of our stops was at Sillico a small village of less than 100 people in the Apennines at the back of Lucca in Garfaganana, Italy. Like many small communities it needed to focus on an identity to survive, many small villages in this part of the world are literally dying as the young people […]

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Autumn promotions

During this tour I have seen a blending of autumn displays blending into Christmas promotions and wonder if this will continue to be a trend. Pumpkins are an ideal product for getting the autumn feel across, at our hotel in Torino they were used as part of an autumn floral decoration.    

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Those who read my October newsletter will remember the Dutch retail food offer I mentioned that was being developed based on an Italian model. That retailer was Eataly. One of the top food retailers in Italy is Eataly, which is located in a old warehouse next to the Fiat factory complex in Torino close to

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Where am I?

Whilst one part of food retailing is looking for new direction, the boutique food retailers are still growing from strength to strength and in the most unusual places. This may look like it is located in a boutique retail area or a farmers market, but it is at St. Pancras Railway Station in central London.

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