Year: 2006

D.I.M. Sustainable Gardening

Baby Boomers are the �Do It For Me� Market and when it comes to sustainability they are no different. Imagine someone coming in to your yard, building an organic vegetable garden and maintaining it. That is exactly what �Your Patch� ( will provide. They will select the best location your garden, work with you to …

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Chocolate Christmas Trees

In the last two years chocolate fountains have been all the rage. Is this the next stage? Will garden centres and farm shops be building chocolate Christmas trees next year�� it would be a crowd puller. Ref: Retail Link – Bangkok Hotel Building a 200kg Chocolate Christmas tree –

In The Pink

By John Stanley One of the challenges for any retail business is getting new consumers to enter the store. The mass merchandisers normally rely on price promotions to get the consumer through their front door and this means small independent business have to rely on other means of �touching the consumer� to get there attention. …

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Congratulations Zanthorrea

My local garden centre, Zanthorrea, has just been awarded in the inaugural �Australia�s Most Weed Wise Nursery� by the Australian Weed Societies. The award is presented to the nursery that is most proactive in its approach to environmental weeds that present a threat to native plants, wildlife and the environment. Zanthorrea refuses to sell high-risk …

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Creating a WOW Experience

Today’s marketplace holds few competitive advantages in terms of product or price, therefore emotional engagement and memorable experiences are more important than ever. Click below for a message from John Stanley and Pete Luckett about making your customers say WOW! about their shopping experience. Cant see the video? Click Here to download Flash Plug-in for …

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The Smell of Success

By John Stanley It is always a challenge for me to walk past the coffee shop in our local town. The aroma of those fresh coffee beans being grinded draws me to the store every time. I then have the challenge of passing our local bakery where that aroma gets to me again. My daughters …

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Changing Rooms

By John Stanley In the last edition of G.T.N. we featured an article on Cleeve Nursery and the changes taking place. Cleeve Nursery is a small plant focused nursery; the type of retailer who has a huge opportunity to expand their market as long as they make the appropriate changes. Alan, Felicity and the team …

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