Award Winning Bonanza

November proved to be a winning month for John Stanley associates. After winning the Belmont WA Small Business Exporter of the Year Award, the next week we went to our local Chamber of Commerce awards night. We were awarded The 2012 Micro Business of the Year Award. This is awarded to the business in the […]

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One of the themes for this month’s blog is Sense. Prof Jason Castro from Bates College and Chuka Chemnubhotla from the University of Pittsburgh released their research on Human Senses last month. They found that the human can only sense 10 types of smell. Fragrance Woody Fruity (non-citrus) Chemical Minty Sweet Popcorn Lemon Pungent Decay

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Bodd moms rule

In August, I presented my Ghost Town, Clone Town, Home Town presentation in Boddington, a rural town in Western Australia. The aim of this presentation is to work with small business in the community to address the needs of the consumer. This is a small town and many of the retailers are not using social

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